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  1. gatorlope

    What about “Sardinian Briar”?

    I recently acquired a small lot of ten estate pipes. One was a Calabash in decent shape and the other nine were evidently briars in need of cleaning, but makers etc. weren’t obvious in the ad. Two of them were marked as Sardinian Briar and I was wondering if anyone could tell me more about that.
  2. gatorlope

    Sacrificing a virgin today...

    Most of my meerschaum pipes have never been smoked. Today I decided to make it one less. The artist is “Sami” and I like his work! It has a relatively small bowl that goes well with the strength of my Kajun Kake. Very nice! pufpuf☕
  3. gatorlope


    Sorry I can’t join you guys at the show. I’m uncomfortably close to ground zero for the landfall of this hurricane and have my hands full getting ready for it. I might very well be out of touch for a while! Enjoy the show & smoke a bowl for me! :puffy:
  4. gatorlope

    Hard to find?

    Pipe/cigarette tobaccos from the 1920’s. Approximately 1 ounce each and came with rolling papers. I think that they are kind of cool- I remember the old b&w westerns where the cow pokes would have the tags hanging out of their shirt pockets!
  5. gatorlope

    Bastard Blends

    A new (to me) product that allows you to mix your own blend to taste. I got two of the Va Per not yet blended jars that contain equal parts of Virginia, Bright Virginia and Perique, figuring that it would also give me a chance to try some pure Perique that I haven’t seen seen elsewhere. In the...
  6. gatorlope

    Pipe Widows

    Not to be taken literally, of course. Hopefully our choice of pipes will not have as deleterious an effect on our health as other forms of tobacco. This might not be as pertinent to those among us who are already widowers themselves (as am I- remarried now for almost 20 years to lovely Russian...
  7. gatorlope

    Why smoke a pipe?

    For me, I have a literary bent and what comes to mind is Frost’s “The Road Less Taken” and Twain’s comment that “A pipe gives an intelligent man time to think and a fool something to stick in his mouth!” I detest cigarettes, never cared to try snuff and have only bought an occasional cigar when...
  8. gatorlope

    eBay cancelled my purchase!

    Their policy does not allow tobacco sales. Not that I haven’t bought tobacco products before or since, but I guess that was allowed because they were considered collections or collectibles I wondered what was going on when a recent search for “sealed tins” gave me several hits with the...
  9. gatorlope

    Bengal Slices

    Just got my Bengal Slices tin that I ordered from Smoking Pipes. “Cyprian Latakia, Oriental, bright Virginia & Black Cavendish.
  10. gatorlope

    Bootlegger from Ole Shenandoah

    I’ll put this tin up next to my Rocky Patel Prohibition- just for the name’s sake! If it makes sense, you can buy Bootlegger (not to be confused with Bootlegged), but you can’t buy “Bootlegger.” They’ve changed the name to Drunken Cherry! The back label on the tin says Burley and Black...
  11. gatorlope

    Opened my tin of Wild Hare

    Just a few days ago and I’m finishing it already! Dark & light Cavendish with Burley and a hint of vanilla... Very smooth and I try to smoke aromatic blends when my wife is home, so this has been excellent!
  12. gatorlope

    Any pipe smokers wear bangs?

    I’m glad I don’t! I like to light mine with a match and it really flares up between puffs! If I did I’d be reconsidering by now!
  13. gatorlope

    Just opened my Balkan Sasieni-

    This is my first Latakia blend and I’m smoking my first pipeful as I write.. It’s also my first time using a clay pipe. I’m using an 18” clay cutty that I found in Tinder Box several years ago.
  14. gatorlope

    Mold in the tin!

    This is a first for me and I hope it’s not commonplace. I’ve bought a few lots and I’m not sure which this one was a part of, so I mailed it to the address on the back, hoping for a replacement. They mailed it back to me! With a phone number to call. As it turns out, they were the...
  15. gatorlope

    Indian(?) Antler PIPES

    Does this handiwork look familiar to anyone? The top pipe I found somewhere a decade or two ago and the other I just acquired. They look like they might both be the handiwork of the same artist.
  16. gatorlope

    18th Century Meerschaum???

    I recently acquired this pipe and though the stem appears to have been replaced sometime in the mid 1800s, I think that the meerschaum bowl may predate that by as much as 50 to 100 years... please, see what you think and if you can enlighten us on a mystery pipe, please do, Close up: The...
  17. gatorlope

    My smoking place

    I have a comfortable chair just to the left of what you see here. I just set this up so I can see what my choices are at any given time. The tins and pouches on the bottom row are what I have open and are currently in use. The other two rows are (with a couple of exceptions) sealed tins that...
  18. gatorlope

    An unusual Dane Craft pipe

    It comes with a custom made free hand briar stand and tamper Another angle: And another:
  19. gatorlope

    Pipes & Tobacco Magazine

    I recently found out that they published their last magazine this year. I’m this is not news to most of you, but I’ve enjoyed the occasional copies that I’ve come across and always meant to subscribe. However, I did get lucky enough to find someone who was selling a collection of 42 copies...
  20. gatorlope

    Tax free tobacco

    I know, that’s not likely to happen unless the tobacco is free or you grow your own. I’ve picked up a pound or two another way though, going to the pipe shop and picking up some of the empty cigar boxes that used cured tobacco leaves as packing material. Crumble some up into my pipe and I have...