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  1. doctorbob

    Stanwell Dating Help

    I recently picked up a pair of Sixten Ivarsson designed Stanwell Hand Made grade pipes and was hoping someone could help me date the pipes. First is a pipe with the infamous 'potato sack/ nut sack' shape 96 in a sandblast. This pipe is finished a deep mahogany brown and has a HAND MADE IN...
  2. doctorbob

    Is It Possible to Get a Fitted Case Made?

    Title says it all. I would like to get a fitted case made for a pair of Barling's. I intend this to be a very important gift. Doc
  3. doctorbob

    Dunhill Shape 588????

    Did anyone else see this auction on ebay? What an...
  4. doctorbob

    Found a Stash of Old Sealed Tins.

    Stopped at a random antique store in Indiana and found, of all things, sealed tobacco tins. All Murray production, except for the Ogden's Gold Block. All tins are in great shape, and still holding a vacuum. I have never seen Ultra Mild or Aromatic from Dunhill's before. All at the same price...
  5. doctorbob

    Anyone Have 'Both' Styles of the Kaywoodie 99?

    I recently picked up a Kaywoodie Flame Grain 99S saddle stem bulldog as a companion to the 99B bulldog that I purchased from SSJones about a year ago and noticed that the 99S has a much bigger bowl in external dimensions than the 99B. Both pipes have identical shank stamping, and identical 4...
  6. doctorbob

    Got a Stack, WTH do I Smoke in It?

    I have a very sweet O'Gorman stacked billiard (Comoy second) in the 188 'extraordinaire' size. It is a very nice pipe with a really good hand-cut stem, but I cannot seem to get a decent smoke out of it. The first 1/4 bowl is always fine, but after that I am having a heat and flavor issue. How...
  7. doctorbob

    Royal Comoys E-Bay Gamble

    Couple of weeks ago I saw an e-bay listing for a 'Old-Comoy-Pipe-Royal-Great-Grain' with a somewhat incomplete description of condition and nomenclature. The pictures were overexposed and pixelated and I initially passed on the pipe, but I saw the pipe several days later and noticed that the BIN...
  8. doctorbob

    Questions on Meer Stem

    So I ended up with this pipe in a lot that I was going after to acquire an Eight-dot Lancashire. The meer passes the sticky spit test so I'm pretty sure it is block, the stem has been identified as amber by a jeweler that I trust. I have some questions about the tenon insert as I am completely...
  9. doctorbob

    Are Synthetic Amber Stem Materials Electrostatic?

    Title says it all. Rubbed a stem with silk that I suspect MIGHT be amber, it definitely picked up a charge and attracted human hair. It also has a small conchoidal fracture. Any other identification tips. Doc
  10. doctorbob

    Sasieni Eight Dot "Buckingham" Straight Grain

    Again inspired by George, I thought I'd present my Sasieni Eight Dot pipe. Alas, it is missing the stinger, but the threads inside the tenon are still present and in good shape. The pipe has been HEAVILY overbuffed, but most of the nomenclature is(barely) readable except for the patent stamp...
  11. doctorbob

    KB&B Churchwarden

    Any KB&B experts here? I have recently acquired an old cutty style churchwarden pipe. The stamping on the left is CHURCHWARDEN arched over the KB&B clover (ampersand is present). On the right it stamped ITALIAN BRIAR. No other stampings. Pipe is about 8-1/2 inches long. Pipe is in excellent...
  12. doctorbob

    Family-era Sasieni Four Dot Ruff Root "Liverpool"

    George's recent posts had me thinking about what I desire in a pipe (besides the obvious engineering aspects). This pipe hits all my targets. It is a post-war family era Sasieni Four Dot "Liverpool" in the lighter variant of the Ruff Root sandblasted finish that has survived remarkably well...
  13. doctorbob

    1920 Dunhill Bruyere Shape 35 Clean-up

    Haven't been here for a while, been busy fixing up the fixer-upper we bought last fall. I have had this pipe for about a year and planned on sending to George for restoration, but since he is trying to reduce his backlog this pipe has been sitting in a drawer for a year and I finally decided to...
  14. doctorbob

    What English Makers Used a Dark Red/ Purple Stain

    I'm aware of Dunhill with their Bruyere and Sasieni with their Plum finish. Anyone know of any others? Doc
  15. doctorbob

    Odd Shank Crack

    I have a GBD New Era 9493 pot/lovat with a circumferential fissure or crack about 1 cm from the end of the shank. The crack does NOT extend to the edge of the shank, but I do assume it goes into the mortise. The stem fits with normal snugness, and the pipe is in very good condition otherwise...
  16. doctorbob

    1964 Dunhill Bruyere 721 'Scandinavian Bulldog'

    Unusual shape- Got a good deal, exterior is excellent with crisp stamps, stem should clean up nicely, only some small tooth wear on the bit itself. This is also stamped as a group 4 pipe, with almost a chimney or stack bowl. The smallest head on my Castleford is to big to safely ream this...
  17. doctorbob

    1933 Dunhill LB with Vernon Tenon

    Bought this off of pipelist, Ben had it listed as a reduced price sale and, of course, I fell for it. It hits ALL of my buttons- old, Britwood, excellent Dunhill blast, unusual (Vernon tenon), excellent condition, and my all time favorite shape... I didn't have a chance. Smokes great! Doc
  18. doctorbob

    Is a 1944 Dunhill Bruyere a Rare Pipe?

    Title says it all, I have the opportunity to purchase a 1944 Dunhill Bruyere small billiard for ~$100, condition looks pretty good, strong stamps. bit is vulcanite, not horn. It does look like a Dunhill factory stem. Were they always horn during the war years? Doc
  19. doctorbob

    Comoy's Made Diamond Shank Bent Billiard

    Finished cleanup on this small bent billiard. No make or name stamp at all, but stamped on the upper left of the shank is the pre war 'Made In England' flattened circle stamp. The right side had 916 stamped. No other stamping at all. Quite a small pipe, less than five inches heel to bit. Very...
  20. doctorbob

    Preserving Stem Stamping

    Title says it all, any good ways to remove vulcanite oxidation without removing nomenclature impression stamped into a rubber stem? I'm cleaning up a old 'Civic Special' that has a stem stamp I would like to preserve. Doc