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  1. briarblues

    9 Days in Italy

    Good Day All; I hope it is ok to post this thread and link here. As a few of you know I visited Italy from April 2 through 11. Visited Maurizio Tombari ( Le Nuvole ) Castello, and the Radice's. I have posted a number of videos of the adventure on my You Tube Channel. 5 so far and 6 more...
  2. briarblues

    Broken Pipe - Chip Kushner

    Sad news all, saw this on Facebook and called SPC to make sure it was not some bs, but Chip passed away last weekend. Chip will be missed by family, friends, and pipe enjoyers everywhere. Sincerely Michael J. Glukler
  3. briarblues

    FDA Rant - Pipes for inspection!!!

    Good Day All; Please excuse this rant. I now have two packages of new pipes that are being "detained" by FDA for "inspection". 8 pipes from Radice and 7 from Castello. 1 shipped by UPS, the other Fed Ex. Both are commercial shipments, and under $2000.00, thus need only an informal entry for...
  4. briarblues

    West Coast Pipe Show - Las Vegas

    Good Day All; I hope I'm not the only one thinking to November for the Las Vegas Show. Anyway, thought I'd do a little You Tube look see if any hints for the current reno situation at The Palace Station might look like. I found this. Looks like...
  5. briarblues

    Chicago 2018 - Saturday Show Floor

    Good Day All; If you've never been to a pipe show and want to get a little taste of how it feels, please feel free to view this offering from the Briar Blues You Tube page. It is a tad long, but at around the 22 minute mark, we catch up with Marty...
  6. briarblues

    Escudo & Dunhill Luxury Rolls

    Good Day All Added a new video to the Briar Blues You Tube channel. The topic is a comparison of Escudo and Dunhill's Luxury Rolls. It may be viewed at; Enjoy Regards Michael J. Glukler
  7. briarblues

    Briar Blues - Pipes have arrived

    Good Day All; We recently added some pipes to the site. 3 amazing brand new Castello's and a nice small selection of pre smoked pipes. We've also added more content to the Briar Blues You Tube Channel. If you'd enjoy a good laugh at my expense, please feel free to watch the videos. Very...
  8. briarblues

    Pipe and Tobacco Video Topics

    Good Day All; About a year ago we began the Briar Blues You Tube Channel. So far 6 videos have been posted. They are all very rough and poorly done, but I plan to work on making them better. If you may be interested in enjoying a laugh at my expense please feel free to view what has been...
  9. briarblues

    Rolando Negoita Major Health Issue

    Good Day All I received an email from a trusted friend and client. Not sure if this post is acceptable to make or not. Feel free to read and what follows is up to you. Regards Michael J. Glukler
  10. briarblues

    15% Site Wide Sale - at Briar Blues

    Good Day All Through the month of February we are running a 15% off sale. The sale is site wide. Thanks for taking the time to read this post and visiting the site. Regards Michael J. Glukler ps, however for anyone names Harris, living in FL, we need to add a service fee of 200% before the 15%...
  11. briarblues

    Interesting Packing Technique

    Good Day All; This was posted on FB a short time ago and thought it interesting. It is a short film about women smoking pipes, circa 1969. What I found most interesting was the packing technique that was taught. I am always interested in different ways of doing things and have been using the...
  12. briarblues

    Tobacco Locator

    Good Day All; It's not often I spend much effort looking for new ( to me ) blends to try. I will read what others post on this forum, with interest. However, recently I used the "tobacco locator" search on the site. It came up with number of blends, similar to my usual...
  13. briarblues

    BC ( Canada ) Tobacco Cost

    Good Day All; I just received an order from my friends at Smoking Pipes. I ordered 6 x 50 gram tins. Total 300 grams. Cost $76.94 US. I had it delivered to my US address and hand cleared it through CDN customs at the border. Here is how it broke down. $76.94 US = $96.31 CDN $40.43 CDN = duty...
  14. briarblues

    Blue Riband

    Good Day All; I saw this and could not resist. I am guessing the pipe is from the 1980's or later? Might...
  15. briarblues

    Cased Sets

    Good Day All; I've always wanted to get a briar pipe with a fitted case. Be it a single, double, triple etc. Right now Rodrigo from treasurepipes, has some GBD's and a Comoy that fit that want. I am wondering / guessing at what they might fetch and looking at my finances and trying to figure...
  16. briarblues

    Learning, Evolution, or Adapting?

    Good Day All; There is another thread discussing pipe learning / purchase mistakes, by mso489. I believe that it’s more a pipe learning “evolution / learning to adapt” scheme. Be warned this is more than a little long winded. In the beginning, as pipe enjoyers, we begin with less expensive...
  17. briarblues

    Roll Call - West Coast Pipe Show

    Just over two weeks away. How many of you will be going? I see the Saturday night dinner, guest speaker will be Jeff Gracik ( J Alan Pipes ). Should be another great show. Regards Michael J. Glukler
  18. briarblues

    Sasieni Help Please

    Good Day All This large Sasieni has arrived at my door from a client to sell. The owner says it is pre 1946, however, I don't think it's that old. I am far from an expert on British pipes. To my eye the dots are not correct for the era. The word Sasieni is in...
  19. briarblues

    Exclusive Sale to This Forum Members

    Good Day All; Until the end of August we are offering the members of this forum an exclusive sale. The sale will be for pipes on our Under $200.00 page. on which sits more than 80 pipes. Most are pre smoked, but there are some stellar un smoked pipes as...