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  1. winterland

    Germain's Rich Dark Flake (Stonehaven)?

    A friend of mine came over from the Uk to visit. I had read that this tobacco is very close or the same as Stonehaven. Being a Stonehaven lover, I had him bring me over a couple 100G bags. Just smoked some and so far it seems like Stonehaven. MMM.. very creamy, a full but gentle smoke. I think...
  2. winterland

    Boswell Pipe and Stonehaven PAD

    What a nice mail day. Boswell Rusticated Yacht that I believe has never been smoked in. From the signature, it must be older as it doesn't have the year. Maybe someone knows Boswell's history. Looks and smells new. I love it when something is even nicer than you imagined when you get it in front...
  3. winterland

    Auction pipe identification dunhill? ending soon.

    Ebay auction ending soon. The dot looks too close to the end of the stem but any ideas on the prince shaped pipe, if this is a Dunhill? I messaged the seller for any markings etc and they do not have it with them. The face pipe is different. null...
  4. winterland

    Any Mead Drinkers?

    I see baronsamedi does. For those who haven't, it is a honey wine made with honey. No grapes. Supposedly one of the oldest alchoholic drinks. We have a few places that make it here in Minnesota. A place called Winehaven and J. Bird Winery. J. Bird sells it at our MN Renaissance Festival. Spent...
  5. winterland

    My New Luna Churchwarden

    Smoked a breaking in bowl in my new Luna Churchwarden tonight. Smoked very well. It arrived well packed with a dozen long pipe cleaners. Briar bowl with 10" rosewood stained maple stem and acrylic mouthpiece. I have not smoked a Churchwarden since I lost my other Luna last fall. Bad move. I...
  6. winterland

    Where do you smoke?

    I have been smoking on our outside back patio. Will soon be getting very cold outside. Do you smoke in your house? Does the smell linger? I have been just smoking one bowl a day in the evening.
  7. winterland

    New Members thread suggestion

    I am new here but had a suggestion. Why not make the New Members, Introduce Yourself! thread an actual topic in the forums instead of a sticky? That way it is easier to post and read about the new people instead of having the old ones go so far down so quickly. Also you might be late responding...