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  1. spugni

    Favorite Youtube Tobacco Reviewer

    Probably a tie between Matches860 and Bremen Pipesmoker. Both are fantastic.
  2. spugni

    Esoterica Release frequency?

    Just to confirm what others have said. B&Ms are the way to go with Esoterica blends. When I hear of a drop online I head over to my local B&M and they usually have a decent haul. Online retailers are rarely where I have any luck.
  3. spugni

    The Tobacco You Reach For Without Thinking

    For me it's Peterson Irish Oak (now called Irish Cask). But, if I am craving some Burley I go with C&D's Haunted Bookshop.
  4. spugni

    When You Lose But Still Win...

    Wow. Can't believe he passed that pipe over. You definitely ended up winning!
  5. spugni

    Long Island Pipe Club

    I live in Huntington. I would definitely be interested.
  6. spugni

    30% Off Pipes & 10% Off Tobacco - Black Friday Sale

    I have to say the deals at have been great the past 2 months or so. Been shopping there more than anywhere else recently.
  7. spugni

    Dry Tobacco

    Hi All. I need some help. I was checking on my cellar today and an 8 oz tin of tobacco popped open on me. The tobacco is so dry.How do you guys rehydrate dried out tobacco? What products do you use? Are thete any good youtube videos on this subject? Thanks for the help!
  8. spugni

    How Old Is Everyone

    45....smoking for 5 years
  9. spugni

    Butane Lighters?

    I recently purchased a Peterson lighter. It has been very reliable. I highly recommend it. I got mine from gq tobacco in the UK. It was much cheaper than US retailers even with the shipping charges.
  10. spugni

    Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian Is Going Away still has tins and 1 pound bags available.
  11. spugni

    Last of the Tin...

    Yes. I go with a partial bowl too. I'm a purist.
  12. spugni

    First Time Visit To McCranies

    Had the pleasure of visiting McCranies in September. What a great store. I wish I lived closer to them. A must for any pipe smoker.
  13. spugni

    First smoke - new pipe

    Wow. Beautiful pipe. You are definitely contributing to my PAD. Love the tamper too.