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  1. danish

    How many bowls a day do you smoke?

    Sorry if my English is bad. I mean that it seems some members go what resembles cold turkey to me, from time to time. That requires more than good self discipline. Hats off puf
  2. danish

    How many bowls a day do you smoke?

    Approx. a tin of 50 gr/1.7 oz a week. Nice to hear so many here can do with less.puf
  3. danish

    Talk to me about Wrist Watches

    I love wrist watches. Preferably (relatively affordable) automatic Swiss ones from the sixties. That's what I am wearing every day, since I was a kid in the sixties :-) I do not find it very smart looking at your phone, just to know the time. Especially at the job, meetings or social gatherings...
  4. danish

    My Ugly PAD

    Wish you the best Jay but as you desribed it yourself, looks are not everything and Savinellis can be good smokers :-)
  5. danish

    Danish School?

    tobefrank, I think big 9mm filter pipes from Denmark mostly made for mainly the German market, not part of domestic Danish design, only for export, since only few Danes used filters or bought bigger pipes.
  6. danish

    The holy trinity - Recommendations

    Capstan (Blue or Yellow) Robert Mc. Scottish Cake My own Blend, Big Coin (Escudo), Paul Olsen, STG.
  7. danish

    Found A Comoy's Over The Weekend

    Nice find. I also happen to have two of the ‘newer’ Comoy’s Tradition, with the later ‘non part 3’c but made in London. They are both of good quality. The stems need some regular maintenance to stay nice looking but they are also among my favourites.Pipedia
  8. danish

    Did Anyone Get Rich Making Pipes?

    Yes, some pipe makers became rich according to Pipedia : Lars Ivarsson's favorite anecdote about Sixten, is this: An American came into the work shop and bought an expensive pipe. He said to Sixten: You must be a rich man. Sixten answered him: I am very rich... and I have a little money too.
  9. danish

    Keep Your Eye On THIS Auction --- It Will Go Nuclear

    @davidy97. Yes, but I still want them :-) I think the seemingly large bits on some of the pictures, may also have to do with the usual wideangle perspective distortion. Perhaps they did not use a proper lens for shooting these pipes, as we see so often here and everywhere.... To see all the...
  10. danish

    Keep Your Eye On THIS Auction --- It Will Go Nuclear

    132 watchers. 1924. Wow! What a nice set. H. A. W. ? : Only missing some provenance, perhaps. Seems this pipe market is still somewhat alive :-)
  11. danish

    What English Makers Used a Dark Red/ Purple Stain

    Speaking of Charatans, I forgot to include my only Charlatan (Belvedere 1180):
  12. danish

    What English Makers Used a Dark Red/ Purple Stain

    Here is a late Comoy's version of red:
  13. danish

    Dates From Pipe History

    Est. 1750 Tobacco factory Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker A/S link here Owner of STG.
  14. danish

    What Pipe tops Your PAD List Right Now?

    Although I do have sufficient self discipline at the moment, I could easily share the PAD of @Carolinachurchwarden's two straight pipes mentioned above. Since these small Barlings are too rare to be found unsmoked, I would probably just buy a similar brand new Dunhill and start looking around...
  15. danish

    Winslow pipes

    Like cigrmaster I have had several Winslows of various grades. Mine were/are size 2 to 4, mostly classsic styles and I still have a few left that I cannot part with. Almost everything about them is perfect: design (subjective), grain, drilling, finish, smokability and stemwork. The only...