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  1. carlomarx

    Great Movies with Pipe Smoking scenes being featured

    "King Solomon's Mine". Stuart Granger leads Deborah Kerr on safari in this movie version of the classic adventure novel. Granger carries his pipe in a ammo loop on his safari jacket and in many scenes he smokes his pipe. Growing up I planned on being Alan Quatermain when I grew up. Didn't work...
  2. carlomarx

    What is the best holiday blend?

    Boswell's Christmas Cookie
  3. carlomarx

    What are You Reading?

    Have you read "Maggie Cassidy" or "Desolation Angels" ?
  4. carlomarx

    Your Cigar Den State College, PA

    I'm glad you mentioned the Cigar Den. I haven't been there for a long time even though I live in State College. I make the drive to Boswell"s shop in Alexandria once or twice a month. The CD used to carry a decent stock of Peterson's tobaccos along with their bulk. I plan to go into town this...
  5. carlomarx

    What are You Reading?

    "Braddock's Defeat" by David Preston
  6. carlomarx

    What Is Your Favorite "Manly" Poem?

    Its a tie for me, " My Friends" vs "The Shooting of Dan McGrew" by Service.
  7. carlomarx

    found Kentucky Club Mixture!

    didimauw, where did you find a tub of KCA for sale?
  8. carlomarx

    found Kentucky Club Mixture!

    Well, it re hydrated fairly well and I might have sampled too early but it wasn't bad at first but quickly lost it's flavor. Too bad I didn't try it when it was still made.
  9. carlomarx

    So who here likes burbon

    Eagle Rare is one of my favorites. Being a bourbon fan on a budget, I"m a fan of Old Forester 86 proof, sadly the PA Liquor Control Board has stopped stocking it but I managed to grab six bottles. Its an affordable, quality bourbon and appeals to my old codger status along with CH and Granger...
  10. carlomarx

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (September 2019)

    Boswell's Northwoods
  11. carlomarx

    found Kentucky Club Mixture!

    In yet another example of " What was I thinking?", I found two pouches of KCM for sale at the local Weis Market and I bought them. I don't think its been made for more than four years and I opened one pouch and to my surprise it is dry. Almost dust is more accurate! I'm trying to hydrate it...
  12. carlomarx

    Rehydrating tobacco

    I use tap water thats been passed through a ZeroWater filter. No problems with mold.
  13. carlomarx

    Anyone Else Having Password Trouble?

    No problem. I hit the reset and followed the emailed link, created new PW and here I am!
  14. carlomarx

    Favorite Bourbon Whiskey?

    Eagle Rare is my go to everyday bourbon. Very affordable, smooth , and goes well with a bowl of whatever I have on hand. I just finished reading a fascinating book, " Bourbon Empire" by Reid Mitenbuler. It is the history of bourbon; I highly recommend it; most entertaining and enlightening. The...