Ask G. L. Pease July 2011
    July 15th, 2011

By G. L. Pease
Welcome to our third monthly installment of Ask G. L. Pease.

Rick poses a good question about consistency: I have a question about tobacco supply and how blends change. C&D has been providing tobacco and manufacturing your blends for at least a decade, right? What tobacco stock (if any) of virginia, orientals, latakia, burley or cavendish (do you even use cavendish?) used to make those earliest blends is still around? And assuming some of those stocks have been replaced, how do you adapt old blends to new tobacco stocks? Do you choose to move to a new supply, even if the original supply is still around? Thanks!

A: It’s a great question, Rick. Interestingly, between the time that you sent it in.”, and the time that I pulled it out of my hat for inclusion here, I wrote an article addressing some aspects of this very subject. You can read more in The Hobgoblins of Consistency right here in my Out of the Ashes column. I think you’ll find it interesting, and possibly even a bit surprising.

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