Kevin Godbee
It’s been a while since I’ve personally done a tobacco review.
The reason? It’s work. It’s not the same thing as casual, leisurely pipe smoking. Yeah, I know—poor, poor Kevin! He has such a hard job!

While I was at the Kansas City Pipe Show last weekend, Premal Chheda, pipe maker, and owner of Smokers’ Haven in Columbus Ohio gifted me a tin of his own Exotique Mixture pipe tobacco.

I knew Exotique Mixture would be right up my alley, as I love "Balkan-style" blends with Latakia, Virginia and Orientals. The tin description actually reads "Turkish", but that’s the same thing as Orientals. The tin art / logo design is even done in an Oriental style, so I am anticipating this blend to be leaning towards an English / Oriental.

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