By Rick Newcombe

If you like pipes as much as I do, then make plans now to be in Las Vegas Nov. 6-7 for the second annual West Coast Pipe Show.

By traveling west of the Mississippi, you get a whole different group of collectors from nearly every other pipe show. That means many different pipes for buying and trading - pipes you are not likely to see at other shows. It also means making new friends and meeting up with many veterans of our hobby.

This is a SMOKING SHOW in every sense of the word. There will be pipe smoking in the exhibit hall, in the dining room, at the casinos and in the bars and restaurants.

This is only our second show. Last year was a phenomenal success for a first West Coast Pipe Show, with more than a hundred tables filled with pipes and pipe-related things and some of the best pipe makers in the world, including Paolo Becker, Luigi Viprati, J.T. Cooke, Jeff Gracik, Todd Johnson, Brad Pohlmann, Bob Swanson, Bruce Weaver, Bob Kiess, Adam Davidson, Will Purdy, Michael Lindner, Paul Perri, Jon Rinaldi, Charles Cole, Michael Parks, Joe Skoda, Chris Brunton, Steve Morisette, Ryan Quagliata and Ron Fairchild, among others.

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2010 Pipe & Tobacco Shows
    February 3rd, 2010

We just updated the list of Pipe Shows for this year.

There are shows in St. Louis, New York, Raleigh, Chicago, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Columbus, Richmond, and Las Vegas.