W.Ø. Larsen has become one of one favorite brands of Danish aromatic tobaccos. Just the words "Danish Aromatic Tobaccos" will make some pipe smokers cringe and wrinkle their noses in disgust, and I know where they’re coming from. I have had the same bad experiences as you guys. You open the tin and it smells like you just entered the kitchen of famed French pastry chef Francois Payard, known for his delectable selections of luxurious cakes, truffles, and dessert cocktails. Or it smells like your mom’s kitchen during the holidays. Whatever it smells like, it smells delicious and makes you think of actually eating it. But then you smoke it. It tastes like cardboard, literally, and it sears the heck out of your tongue. I have some tins of Danish aromatics that have been thrown in the "to never be opened again drawer".

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