A Rainy Night
    July 7th, 2015

Marshall "Butch" Armstrong
She was a cute one, this girl at the bar.
She wasn’t a real beauty, but just the right amount of dimple in her cheeks made her irresistible. And irresistible was good enough for me. Long wavy blonde tresses cascading across her shoulders with a smart black and red hat pinned off to one side gave her a classy look. She wore a simple black knee length dress and had her coat draped across her shoulders.

As I stepped up to the bar next to her I saw a small, straight billiard in her left hand. Drawing on it slowly, her eyes lost to some memory, she sent small clouds of smoke over her head. On the bar in front of her sat a glass of white wine. A Chardonnay perhaps, or a Chenin Blanc. Then I noticed the bottle of Char in a bucket of ice sitting on the back bar. A cute dame, all alone, preparing to drink a whole bottle of wine and smoking a pipe. The night might not turn out too bad after all. Seeing me, the bartender walked over. "I’ll have a whiskey, please," I said.

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