Dude You’re… A Pipe Smoker?
    December 31st, 2014

James Foster

Team Sergeant Terry Schappert

If you’re like me, and you scan the same channels on cable over again and again - you may end up on History, Discovery, Animal planet, maybe some news sprinkled in.  You may have also stumbled across a survival show with a guy smoking a pipe.  That guy, is Team Sergeant Terry Schappert.

I reached out to Terry and inquired about his pipe smoking and he agreed to sit down with me and share some of his busy schedule with us to talk about pipes, and the show.  So strap in!

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Hollywood Pipes
    June 3rd, 2014

Laurie Jacobson
Hollywood has always been about looking good.
That’s why the pipe has been there since the first cameras rolled. It’s the ultimate accessory. You wear it both in your face and in your hand. You display it in your home. And with proper care, it will last a lifetime. Let’s face it, most marriages in Tinseltown are based on the same principles, and don’t fare as well. But a pipe is more than just a smoke — something you dispose of when you’re through — it’s an appendage. And just like Liz and Dick, Lucy and Desi, Groucho and his cigar, some Hollywood celebrities are forever linked…with their pipes.

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Michael Gladis of Mad Men - Part III
    January 18th, 2010

Here is Part III and the Conclusion of our interview with Michael Gladis, who plays the pipe smoking copywriter, Paul Kinsey, on AMC TV’s Mad Men. If you missed it in the beginning, Mr. Gladis smokes a pipe in real life, and we enjoyed smoking during the entire interview. We sat down in the private smoking lounge at Davidoff of Geneva in New York City, while we smoked an exclusive blend from Nat Sherman in NYC, called Old Oxford Blend No. 649. Michael liked it so much, that I gave him my bag.

In this last part of the interview we find out what Michael smokes during filming of the show. (He is the only person that gets to smoke real tobacco.)

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Michael Gladis of Mad Men - Part II
    January 4th, 2010

We continue our interview with Mad Men’s Michael Gladis where we find out how he got started as an actor. We talked about his favorite scenes playing Paul Kinsey. There is footage from different Mad Men shows including scenes from Season 3 which are not yet available on DVD, but AMC TV was kind enough to provide us with. We asked Michael if he will be in Season 4, and we asked him to sing for us like he did on the show.

Michael is skilled in boxing, fencing, chess, art and several other activities. He is a Renaissance Man of sorts. Michael is certainly an example of how pipe smokers are special people. We also continue to talk about pipe smoking and discuss Michael’s thoughts on how the political environment has drastically changed for smokers.

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Michael Gladis of Mad Men
    December 21st, 2009

Michael Gladis plays the pipe smoking copywriter, "Paul Kinsey" on AMC TV’s Mad Men. Not only does his character Paul smoke a pipe, but Mr. Gladis smokes a pipe in real life.

PipesMagazine.com Editor & Publisher, Kevin Godbee sat down with Michael Gladis in the private smoking lounge at Davidoff of Geneva in midtown Manhattan on November 14, 2009. They talked about pipe smoking, his role on Mad Men, and his acting career in general. Michael is charming, friendly, and witty while he enjoys smoking his pipe and giving us the inside scoop on Mad Men and telling us how he is similar to Paul Kinsey. See Part I of our video interview with Michael Gladis here and see if you can get the trivia question right at the end.

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