E. Roberts
In this scenario, I’m the May beauty (indulge me here), enamored in my youthful extravagance
of the much older September paramour, the estimable Peterson of Dublin. Peterson’s seasonal tobaccos are lovingly crafted and opulently presented; they bring 150 years of experience to the relationship. Sadly, this fling is destined to be short-lived; produced in very limited quantities (only 5000 tins each!) and gaining popularity every year, these blends tend to fly off retailers’ shelves. There are no other limited edition blends that I look forward to more eagerly than Peterson’s annual trio (including the Christmas blend, which is yet to be released), and it seems they’re getting better every year. Unfortunately, they also seem to release later every year, at least here in the States, where we’re just now seeing the Summertime and Special Reserve at the end of August. Still, there’s no better way to celebrate the waning of the season than with a bowl of these confectionary concoctions.

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