A Fire Storm is Brewing
    February 4th, 2015

New RO Series Pipe Tobacco from Russ Ouellette

Fred Brown
There is a new storm a-brewing. No, not like the one that hammered the East Coast like a punching bag last week. This storm is the new tobacco blends being cooked up in the laboratory of the master pipe tobacco blender, the maestro of tobacco, Russ Ouellette of Pipes and Cigars fame.

And do not think this is just another blend you will buy and maybe think of putting in a cellar somewhere and forget about until one day you pull it from the back of the shelf, or out of a cardboard box.

The reason for special attention is because this new tobacco blend carries the name of Russ Ouellette: The RO Series.

In other words, the mother of all signature blends is in the works from one of the finest, if not the finest, tobacco blenders on the globe.

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