Blakeney’s Best Acadian Ribbon is in a word, "Tangy". In two words, it is "Tangy & Sweet" I like it. I’m not sure why it doesn’t say so on the tin, but this tobacco blend is from McClelland. I have heard many people describing different McClelland blends as having a "ketchup" tin aroma, and a few of them even saying that it translated to the smoking taste. I have not experienced that, but if I really try hard to think of ketchup when I take a whiff of the tin, I can somewhat see where this comes from. Ketchup is tangy and sweet. So is Blakeney’s Best Acadian Ribbon. Although I do not really get ketchup from this blend, if you have picked it up in other McClelland blends, you might get it here too. If so, maybe you should try it with a burger and fries!

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