8 Responses to “The Pipes Magazine Radio Show - Episode 78”

  1. seilerjp said:

    hi Brian,
    Its Thursday and I am home. My buddies (BIll, Fuzzy, and Homer) and I did a road trip to Columbus Ohio this week to visit 3 pipe shops. OF course I picked up one new pipe, a Chheda/Layton collaboration, sort of a sandblasted bent squat bulldog. Smoking it while I listen.

    The new audio sounds great!
    Smoketels.com sounds like a great idea.

    Good catch with the Mark Irwin interview. It sounds like the Peterson Chronicles will be very interesting when it comes out. Being a LOTR fan, I enjoyed his book on Pipe Smoking in Middle Earth.

    Rant: My rule on a new tobacco is buy at least two tins, smoke one and put one away. IF you do not like it now, you may enjoy it years from now. Taste does change, even in tobacco.

    Another good one!

  2. dino said:

    Man, I can’t wait for Mark Irwin’s book. I’ve been hearing about it for quite a while, and imagine it’s been a daunting task.
    I have ten Peterson pipes in my collection, including my new (very cool) Dracula 999. And, every pipe is a great smoke.
    As a retired inner-city public school teacher, I loved hearing Mark’s enthusiasm for teaching middle-school kids. You rock, Mark!
    I haven’t posted in a couple weeks, you already know how much I love the show. But, I just wanted to again commend you on past music clips.
    Bird and the Wolf, Wow. I’m a huge fan of both. Here’s a little trivia: the oboist on that Charlie Parker with Strings tune was Mitch Miller, record producer, 1960s TV host, most famous for his “Sing Along With Mitch” show and recordings.
    All the old farts among your listeners will smile, knowingly.
    Till we meet again,

  3. safaripete said:

    Hi Brian!! As usual…. Interview with Mark Irwin very very good. I too have a soft spot for the smooth Sherlock Holmes Pipes. The Moran and the Milverton are my favorites. Can’t wait Mark’s Peterson book.
    I usually listen to each podcast twice….once live and then the next night to see if I missed anything. At 65 yrs old, I don’t retain all the info in just one listen.
    I truly hope your daughter’s auction and donations brings much money. As you know, I do know what chronic disease can do to one’s spirit. Seems like your daughter is quite a trooper. Bless her. It’s about time for research to find the cure …..we can only hope. Should have a box coming your way as soon as I recover from Mondays visit to the medical facility.
    Be well my friend.
    Ps is there a way to tell how much $ is being donated BEFORE time ends the donating?

  4. balcifer said:

    Great episode this week been looking too add one or two new pipes to my collection. As for Smoketels.com sounds interesting I wonder if their hotels listing include those in Canada and Europe? Looking forward for your next show keep up the good work.

  5. kcghost said:

    I hope our pipe smoking travelers will give smoketels.com a try before booking a room. This is something that could be very useful.
    Nice interview with Mike Irwin. I am not a Pete man myself so it lost a little impact on me. You have to admire a man that is willing to teach middle schoolers. Those rascals think they are entitled to everything without putting forth any effort and their parents are worse.
    Brian is right: Pipers can be cheap bastards. Gosh, forbid they buy a copy of a magazine when they can just read yours, or just sample your tobacco rather than get a tin of their own.

  6. fuelpump said:

    Erin go bragh!
    Happy St Patrick day. Really enjoyed the interview I liked hearing about the Peterson pipes. Mike is a true expert through year of work and study. As you stated in the show there are just everyday pipe smokers but I find that I have the most in common with the people who go beyond that.
    Enjoyed the show and keep the investing people talking. Capture the information before it is lost.

    New sound is better but seemed that the volume fluctuated…maybe it was just on my end.


  7. schnorrer said:

    Smoketels.com- Bookmarked and ready for use next time I travel! (As a San Francisco resident, I am fortunate that it is easy for me to find a place to smoke my pipe. All I have to do is drive 4 hours east over the Sierra mountains to Nevada)

    Hi Brian,
    Thank you for the the show on Peterson pipes. I was wondering if I was the only one out there who thinks they are great. I am looking forward to buying Mark’s book. A Peterson 999 with a “hallmarked” silver band was my first 100 dollar pipe. Many years later, and Petersons make up about 80 percent of my embarrassing large collection. Count me in as a P-lip fan too. The p-lip cools “bitey” Virginias. If you try a p-lip, and it feels uncomfortable, just use it for awhile. With use it conforms to your teeth and becomes much more comfortable.

    I agree with your rant. Even though I am a schnorrer, I have no hesitation to buy a tin of something I am interested in. Most tins of pipe tobacco costs about the same as a fancy cigar, and it lasts so much longer. Plus, it makes my local B and M happy, and it encourages them to continue to stock stuff for us pipe smokers and not give over the entire store to the cigar guys.

  8. whitespot said:

    I don’t travel much, but I had a trip for business come up last week, and I took full advantage of Smoketels.com for booking a hotel room. It was quick and easy, and I had a great time enjoying a few bowls in my room in the evenings. I highly recommend using them for your next trip!



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