The latest news on the availability of Dunhill Pipe Tobaccos in the U.S. market is that they are in production now, and will be available in mid-November 2010.



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Many pipe tobacco consumers eagerly await the return of Dunhill tobaccos to the U.S. market, while others have shunned the brand. Some pipesters post of their ill will in pipe smokers forums as a result of Dunhill’s past retreat from the U.S. market. They feel that they have been taken for granted and ignored. Others feel that the new production will not match the quality or taste of the old production. The initial promises of September availability, which then changed to October, and now to November are fueling further resentment and skepticism in the pipe community.

Even so, retailers report high demand, amidst myriad inquires and expect to sell-out almost immediately. Even though some pipe smokers are angry and concerned about the quality of the new production, there are a vast number of pipe enthusiasts that have never had the chance to try Dunhill tobaccos in the past and are enthusiastic to do so.

This reporter has never smoked the older Dunhill production, but has had the opportunity to smoke the new production. Everyone of them has been excellent. So even though there are frustrated defecting consumers from the Dunhill tobacco brand, our guess is they will remain in high demand and experience brisk sales.


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