We are pleased to announce the January 2013 Winners for the PipesMagazine.com Cartoon Caption Contest Sponsored by SmokingPipes.com & Brigham Pipes

1st Place - James Johnson, San Marcos TX
2nd Place - Barton Matheson, Hartwood VA
3rd Place - Fred Arnett, Medford OR

Captions are shown below -


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3 Responses to “January 2013 Caption Winners Sponsored by SmokingPipes.com & Brigham Pipes”

  1. cortezattic said:

    Congrats to all the winners. The 3rd place submission really slays me. (Clever fellow, Fred!)

  2. Spartan said:

    Congrats to the winners. I must admit that third one went right over my head. Too clever for me I’m afraid. Nonetheless, well done all.

  3. rev413 said:

    Congratz to the Winners!



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